Case Study

The Client's Needs:

ParkSFO a San Francisco Airport Parking garage wanted to move away from a paper logging system for all their cars. With thousands of cars coming through their garage daily the logging system got cumbersome and logs for certain cars easily got missed. Limited space in the garage forces employees to block cars already in spaces. In turn this can create customer service issues if logs aren't accurate.

Our Solution:

Eminent Designs built an application that allows employees to easily add ticketed cars to the system and update spaces with ease if cars get shifted around. Updating a car is a simple search and quick update away if it's been moved. Once a space is entered the system knows if a car is being blocked or is blocking another car. Numerous reports, a complex search, and sortable lists all contribute to employees finding cars quickly and tending to customers. Once a car has been paid for and gone from the garage, administrators will mark the car as out and clear them from the system.

The Results:

The "Valet Application" as we like to call it has exponentially helped this business move away from messy paper logs, find cars with ease and track cars down to the second. Customer service issues have drastically reduced, taking less time for the employees. Overall this application has cut down issues for waiting customers and man hours for the garage. This application is saving them money on their bottom line, while their business is increasing.