Case Study

The Client's Needs:

Modeled after the PGA, the MGA (Mediocre Golf Association) has enormous potential for growth. When the MGA came to Eminent Designs, it was difficult for users to update and add new chapters of golfers. In addition, creating events, setting up tournaments and scoring required a burdensome amount of manual work. In order to expand, the MGA needed an upgrade.

Our Solution:

We started from scratch on the new MGA and built a robust CMS with all the features it needed to ease the use for chapter leaders and players. Event creation is now simple with event setup, chapter member emailing, registration, foursome generation and pre-tournament printable documents to easily score and track each tournament. Users' home city now has a unique design where you can view chapter news, events and competition.

The Results:

The site is easy to use and update. Since the launch on Jan 2, the feedback from the founders, leaders and players has all been extremely positive. New projects in 2012 will add to the site's already extensive features.