Savvy Bride Revamp

February 16, 2014

I know we just launched the site mid last year, but after a number of Bridal Shows and feedback from prospective brides some key feature additions were required. What are the new features?

First of all Mazzarello Media is making some design updates. The template is getting opened up to accomodate higher resolution screens, larger vendor images and a cleaner more modern look.

Feature additions include:

  • Design: As much as we liked the old design, there are some clean, modern updates we are making enhamce the usability.
  • Favorites: It's crucial for a bride to be able to come back to the website and easily see all the vendors she is interested in using
  • Calendars: Nothing seems more important than being able to take a quick glance at a vendor and see if they have your date available. The response time on getting in touch with a vendor by calling or emailing can mean the difference of booking a vendor for your date or not.
  • Vendor Search: If you've heard OF a vendor, but don't know the exact name a simple search can help fix that.
  • Vendor Sorting: Sorting by vendor type, price, and whether a particular vendor offers a deal or not seems just as important as these other features.
  • Expanded Vendor Lists: Originally we were just adding high quality vendors to our site who are willing to offer deal, but now we are opening this up to all high quality vendors.

It sounds exciting right? We are looking to get this new version of the website up in late February or early March!