PucaTrade's Long Awaited Future Site Launches

August 27, 2016

PucaTrade is a trading platform for Magic: the Gathering cards and a project I've been apart of since 2013. I am one of the Senior Developers on the project and a Co-founder of the company.

If you are reading this your first question might be, what is Future Site? Future Site is the name for Version 3 of PucaTrade's platform. In 2015 we ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise some money to help fund development of this project.

Our goal was to provide five large features for the Magic: the Gathering community and also give the site a new design to support these features. What were they?

  1. MTGO Trading (Trade Between Digital & Paper Cards): For the first time in history you are able to trade your digital cards for paper cards and vice-versa.
  2. Non-English Cards: The "Revised" PucaTrade website only allowed trade of English cards. This is no longer the case.
  3. Card Condition: Cards are not always kept in perfect condition. This feature allows you will be able to grade your card based on it's condition, and trade-values will adjust accordingly.
  4. Modern Mobile Experience: 25% of our members access the site from a mobile device, and our goal was to utilize responsive design to craft an elegant experience for our traders on the move.
  5. Quantity Trading/Shipping: This feature lets you manage all versions of a card you would accept, and allows you to bundle your trades together as packages.

It's exciting to say that we accomplished our goals with these features and have provided a number of new ways to trade. Not only that but we've extended our card database from 30,000 cards to well over 500,000.