The Mediocre Golf Association Website Relaunches

April 10, 2017

The Mediocre Golf Association (MGA) has had the same look for a long time, 5+ years in fact. I'm proud to say that we have rebuilt nearly the entire theme and added a number of new features. The site officially launched on the night of March 22nd.

What's new?

  • Responsive Design: First and foremost having a mobile friendly responsive website was number one. Not only were customers constantly asking for it, but there's nothing more useful that getting info about courses tournaments and entering scores on the go. A large percentage of users are accessing the website when they can't be near a computer. All pages now size down appropriately, complete with slide-out menu.
  • New look: The owner of the MGA designed the new templates, but as far as making them look right on tablet and mobile we grabbed the bull by the horns and wrangled it all in.
  • Instagram: Their social media motto - "Tag it or it didn't happen". All Chapter Pages and Events that get created can have a unique hashtag associated with them and those pages will pull in what gets tagged on the course. There are so many different social media channels these days that pictures would get posted by members everywhere including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now it's only Instagram if you want your photos added to the site, but it's been done right!

The early feedback on the site is that people are loving it. Hope to hear more good things!