MCT and Eminent Designs to Overhaul PucaTrade

September 09, 2013

Maybe Overhaul is the wrong word. We will be completely rebuilding it from the ground up while keeping all data and user accounts in tact. The current site was built on Perl with a number of weird javascript includes to pull in HTML, which is quite buggy. A lot of times sections of the pages won't even load properly. Aside from fixing some of the issues that are wrong with the site we have a master plan for implementing a large amount of new features to make trade faster, easier and more accessible to new and old users.

We might as well throw a redesign on top of it, since the old site is not that appealing to the eye. It currently doesn't work on mobile or tablet devices, which is another problem. New logo too? Why not!

What is PucaTrade?

PucaTrade's mission is to make Magic: the Gathering more accessible to everyone. They accomplish this by providing a safe, fast, and fun place for you to trade with Magic players from all over the world. PucaTrade is a gift economy where they match you up with people who want cards that you don't. Once you've mailed it out and your trading partner has completed the trade, you get points in exchange for you card. When you have points in your account you start getting mailed cards that you want from your "Want" list.