Laughing Monk Brewery

November 16, 2015

Starting a new brewery isn't easy, but one important aspect is having a presence on the web. That's where we fit in. Andrew Casteel, owner and founder of this new brewery need a way to communicate with potential beer lovers about the what, when, where and why. We helped this new unique brewery get the website up and running. Built with the Drupal content management system allowed it to be managed by Andrew and his staff.

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Laughing Monk Brewing is a small batch craft brewery in San Francisco that blends traditions from California and Belgium with a mix of local, seasonal ingredients. They make great beer with an eye toward innovation and the independent spirit that guides us. They offer an ever-expanding array of unique beers, including those for immediate enjoyment and those that can be aged to perfection. Raise a glass in the spirit of laughter, libation and adventure.